NO European Common Lisp Meeting 2014

How often do you attend a small conference where attendees are building nuclear defense systems, running intensive care wards, designing aeroplane engines, analysing Lute tablature, developing cancer drugs, writing FIFA's legal contracts, and designing their own microchips? Surely this describes few tech events other than Arthur & Edi's European Common Lisp Meeting :-).

Update: Unfortunately, there will be no ECLM in 2014. It has always been our aim to show exciting new applications of Common Lisp in real world environments. However, this year it turned out that several interesting speakers we had in mind declined and we felt we couldn't assemble a whole day of talks as interesting as in the previous years. Therefore, we decided to cancel the whole meeting early enough.

We might try again next year...

Hans Hübner, Arthur Lemmens, Edi Weitz

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